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With every piece of land comes a piece of history and as time changes so we create history of our own.It so happened that the original farms in the Upper Highway area were once owned by the well known Gillitt family and as time progressed these farms were subdivided and sold off,creating all the areas as we know them today.

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Prop Data cc is an internet marketing company that is solely focused on and dedicated to marketing real estate on the internet. At Prop Data we think of ourselves less as web developers and more as internet marketing consultants to the real estate industry. From the beginning we have understood that our role in marketing real estate on the internet should extend far beyond web design, development and hosting. We instinctively identified that the key to our client's online success lay in our ability to identify our client's marketing objectives, develop an effective internet marketing strategy, reach our client's target market, engage and convert website traffic into high-quality leads, and finally track and analyze the effectiveness of each online marketing campaign.

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